We Create Archery as world universal culture value
Cultural exchanges through archery

October 18th, 2019


Yecheon World Archery Festival

Korean World Archery Festival
We invite you!

Be a member for saving Archery culture and history!

We offer our organization introduction file for you. Feel free to participate to us, and we believe cooperation for Archery culture will keep this culture well and make better world. We will wait for your passion.


Present Situation and Prospects

More than twenty countries World Achery Membership came to Yecheon to share their Archery cultures.

Meeting for Cooperation of Archery

Mr. Lee Hyeonjun (WTAO chairman) visited Mongolia to discuss about mutual exchange.

Welcoming Luncheon

Yecheon's senior officers have great feast with Bhutan membership in Yecheon, Korea

Turkey Cooperation Agreement

To promote cultural exchange among Yecheon (Korea), and Beyoğlu (Turkey) through Archery culture.

Coming Soon

Yecheon World Archery Festival

4th Yecheon World Archery Festival

  • Date : October 18th ~ October 20th, 2019
  • Venue: Yecheon, Republic of Korea
  • Period: for 3 days
  • Website :

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