Archery is humankind’s precious future-oriented value and assets.

The archery culture has been always together with human in a various forms. this is a result of reflecting periodic needs and regional properties of archery.

But, recently archery is being recognized as an event of the Olympic. Recognizing archery as only a sport can be concerned to be distorted.

At this point, “World Traditional Archery Association” is to restore a various value of archery, and make it future-oriented culture. This is positioning archery as a human universal culture, and at the same time, UNESCO clarifies a clear various cultural value

By countries, the research and preservation of traditional archery which contains the regional environment and recognition is respecting the history of the region. Finding the living life of people that has always been together with the bow and arrow.

Understanding such archery culture, “World International Archery Association” is to make an exchanging place. This is one of a ways to understand and sympathize cultures in many other regions, and ethnic groups, and a way to identify our self-esteem and how valuable it is. In other word, it is learning the value of cultural diversity by not only understanding how valuable our archery culture is, but also understanding how valuable in the other regions’

On the other hand, it is important to parallel to research the archery culture and organize the document related to them to leave the informations to our posterity. Even in the wave of industrialization and Informatization, what we should pay attention to is cultural value which is pursuing Humanity,

World Traditional Archery Association interchanges archery culture, recognize each other, understand each other to cherish myself, and is willing to find cultural single sentry in future.

WTAO President

Developing this culture is our purpose.
Let's make these together.

- WTAO President -