Date of establishment

2017. Oct. 16


Yecheon, Republic of Korea

Member Countries

Korea, Turkey, Mongolia, Bhutan, Indonesia


President, director by continent, secretary general
Archive + Cultural Business + International Exchange


WTAO was founded with the following purpose and mission.

Creation of archery as world universal culture value

In history, archery has enriched human life in various ways such as hunting, war, play, ritual. WTAO will introduce to people, and let them enjoy the archery culture. Based on this, we will recreate it as a valuable culture in future society.

Pursuing the UNESCO cultural diversity value

Archery culture was diversely handed down by history and region. WTAO will pay attention to the cultural value of each country and region that has been handed down with regional characteristics and activate it. Through this, WTAO intend to express the value of UNESCO's cultural diversity.

Cultural exchanges through archery

Expanding community and regional, human-to-people exchanges through archery. As various archery cultures are passed down, such exchange will be an activity to understand the cultural diversity. WTAO makes a place of mutual respect for the cultural value through exhibitions, forums, information exchanges and event support.

Research on archery culture

Courtesy, play, weeping, game style, archery characteristics, bow and arrow manufacturing methods, etc. are valuable assets of human culture. In addition, archery culture such as myths, legends, folk tales, music, designs by region is deeply coupled, study by region, research on country archery culture is an activity to maintain human assets and expand understanding.

Pioneering new genre of archery culture

We will create an archery culture that can be applied to real life such as bow survival game and archery performance value, and pioneer new genre of archery culture through IT technology and online game in keeping with the changed social environment. Furthermore, WTAO opens up new areas of archery culture by combining artistic genres such as design and music.