WTAO Statutes (Draft)

Passed by the first representative meeting of World Traditional Archery Organization(Yecheon, Korea, September 2017)

Article 1. General Rules

1. (Name) The World Traditional Archery Organization(WTAO) is an international NGO(non-government organization)
2. (Location) The office of WTAO is located in city of Yeochon, Republic of Korea.
3. (Purpose)

Article 2. Activities and Businesses

4. (Activities and Businesses) The corporation conduct following activities and businesses to achieve above purpose :

Article 3. Membership

5. (Qualification)

6. (Rights) World Traditional Archery Organization treats all of the group members equally and with respect, and opposes any kinds of national, political and religious discrimination.

Article 4. Structure of the Organization

7. (Structure)

8. (Representative meeting) The responsibilities of representative meeting are 9. (Board of directors) The highest structure of IMACO is the board of directors. 10. (Executive committee) Executive committee is a routine work leader structure of WTAO.

Article 5. Costs

11. (Supply of Costs) Source of expenses : membership fee, support of national or international organization, social groups, enterprise or personal donation and other incomes.
12. (Spend of Costs) Membership fee must be used in organization activities made by representative meeting, not for other purposes.

Article 6. Additional Clauses

13. (Enforcement date) This regulations shall come into effect on the day of establishment of corporation.
14. (Establishment promotion committee) The original establishment president shall be the mayor of Yecheon and this regulations can be valid after every founders are signed.
15.(Formal language) The formal language of WTAO is Korean and English.
16. (Published reports) Its articles and the other reports are written in Korean and English. English version is standard when there are some differences in understanding provision and resolution.
17.(Copyrights) The copyrights and revision of this Article belong to representative meeting of WTAO.